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Best Supplier Ranking

4 gold medals:


Founded in 2000, IWD is a company specialized in developing application software aimed at facilitating store layout and improving communication between teams. IWD combines two powerful tools, 'Display', a 2D/3D editor for retail stores, and 'Network', a collaborative tool for effective teamwork even at a distance. Our software solutions are perfect for enabling brands to properly execute their in-store merchandising strategy, enhancing customer orientation, and boosting sales. Over 500 brands trust us.



YOOBIC is an all-in-one digital platform for field teams. Yoobic gives managers and retail teams the tools they need to work, communicate and train efficiently, notably thanks to an AI recommendation engine that helps optimize retail excellence.
YOOBIC supports more than 200 clients around the world such as Lidl, Monoprix, Maisons du Monde, Fnac-Darty, Lacoste, SMCP, Pharmavie who use the YOOBIC platform to gain agility and operational compliance, benefit from real-time visibility on the operational execution of the entire network and improve the customer experience.



For all retailers who want to test and secure their new market before deployment, our solution makes it possible to reconstruct an in-store purchasing journey, as close as possible to reality and offers an alternative to in-store or room tests. This virtual immersion is offered to shoppers via a web link, without a headset, allowing them to gain agility, within a controlled budget and timing.



ShareGroop is the first predictive payment solution that allows merchants to personalize their payment experience based on consumer profiles. ShareGroop removes payment friction thanks to more than 20 solutions including deferred payment, in several installments or even shared payment. ShareGroop thus increases the acquisition, conversion and loyalty of its partners.

6 silver medals:


Your consumers constantly have important things to tell you...Listen to them! Social networks provide access to people who have the answers that interest you. To collect this data and use it, we created Madein360, a social sampling tool. In 10 days you have access to a dynamic, commented dashboard, accessible to all, giving you access to strong insights to fuel your decision-making.


Fox intelligence is the first market & consumer intelligence platform in e-commerce, drawing on billions of electronic receipts from 500k e-shoppers in Europe. All this data is made available to Foxintelligence customers on a SaaS platform allowing them to analyze their market, improve their offer and understand their consumers.


The increase in e-commerce sales and the implementation of strong authentication has pushed fraudsters to move towards a hitherto neglected link in the chain: order returns! According to our internal data, we have found that 1 in 10 returns are fraudulent. How can you protect yourself from this without adding friction to the journey? Oneytrust allows you to detect the signs of abusive returns and identify those who commit them with invisible controls.

NOSTRESS is the brand's digital coach, it allows each store to understand its performance, identify its limits and the solutions to overcome them. The coach Kathy will define the forecast "path" of a store for its turnover objective then analyzes in real time your sales and those of other similar stores, if she detects a weakness she immediately indicates how to achieve her objective.

Foxintelligence_logo_black_2x (1).png

REVERS.IO's vision is that self-care is the future of assistance. Our mission is to simplify the after-sales experience for customers and employees. Our SaaS platform is based on 3 pillars: an omnichannel support portal, a flow management backoffice connected to the entire after-sales service chain and a datalake which aggregates feedback data to enrich customer and product data.



Founded in 2014, mypangee is the first startup specialized in 100% digital and omnichannel Long-Term Rental. Our turnkey financing solution enables businesses to create their all-in-one rental offering online and in-store. This solution is easily integrable via API on the e-commerce websites of our partners and their ERP systems.


3 bronze medals:


Veesual is building the future of the online experience for fashion, making it more engaging and truly inclusive. Via a process similar to in-store fitting, each customer creates the look that inspires them and visualizes it on a mannequin that resembles them. By promoting the diversity of bodies and styles, this innovative experience helps customers project themselves and reduces returns.


RetailShake offers retailers and brands a 360° view of their competitive environment. You can track prices, customer reviews, merchandising, geolocation of your products and stocks of your brand or those of your competitors. You know which products are sold by your competitors and can follow their promotional policies. This comprehensive competitive monitoring is automated and daily.




We are implementing a second-hand platform with a unified shopping cart for retailers and pure-players. This allows customers to make purchases across the retailer's various channels (in-store, drive, e-commerce) using a single shopping cart. This innovation enables the retailer to address the second-hand market and the collaborative economy by integrating it into its existing processes. Thus, the second-hand market becomes a new phygital acquisition channel. Additionally, their promotional policies can be monitored in real-time. This comprehensive competitive intelligence is automated and daily.


Ranking Best Collaboration

3 gold medals:


Thanks to Facelift, the Carrefour Group has digitalized the communication of more than 1,200 of its stores through local communication on Facebook. The objectives are to benefit from the power of social networks to communicate with its customers, generate more traffic in stores, guarantee the uniformity of its image while personalizing communications and customer relations locally.



NewQuest supports Decathlon in the digitalization of the Sailing Lab, Decathlon Tribord headquarters located in La Rochelle. This new co-design and development site dedicated to sailing aims to be as close as possible to Tribord users. NewQuest's mission: to imagine interactive and relevant devices to create an intelligent and connected place of experience that promotes collaborative innovation. The ultimate objective is to bring these innovations to other Decathlon activities and in stores.


A leading brand in food e-commerce in France, Leclerc has relied on Shopopop's service to strengthen its e-commerce development by allowing its network of stores to develop a 2-hour delivery offer, from all types of point of sale (urban and rural).

3 silver medals:



Waiting at the checkout is the main irritant of the in-store experience. To remedy this, Brico Dépôt has been offering its customers, since September 2021, the Sacn & Go solution from Lyf. It allows you to scan, consult the information produced and pay independently from your smartphone or via picking up your basket at the checkout.



In 2021, Franprix is testing the new Ulty platform in several of its stores to centralize its E-commerce orders from complementary online sales channels (marketplaces). This platform, which adapts to existing equipment, allows our store employees to optimize the time to prepare an E-commerce order and thus strengthen the operational excellence of the brand on a daily basis (online and in store) for the benefit of our customers.

Screenshot 2021-11-22 at 11.17.30.png


Authenticity is the new holy grail of brands, UGC takes a major place in their communications to improve conversion and loyalty but also to strengthen brand messages. With AdAlong, a solution automating curation and distribution, based on visual recognition, L'Oréal is accelerating its UGC strategy. More than 250K UGC are processed each month by the platform on MNY and NYX.


3 bronze medals:


As part of the implementation of a one-stop shop for food and marketplace products, Intermarché wanted to overhaul, in four months, its marketplace product administration tools in order to improve responsiveness, stability and sustainability. Neo9 thus implemented its "Catalogue" tool in record time to enable Intermarché to manage a complex taxonomy, voluminous product and offer flows, frequent refreshing of indexed data and advanced categorization and enrichment rules. automatic



Carrefour aimed to expand its range of non-food products (such as tech, large and small appliances, audio, video, garden & household items) in hypermarkets and supermarkets to provide sellers with real-time access to the entire product assortment, enabling them to respond very precisely to any customer demand.


As part of a digital transformation accelerated by confinement, Saint Maclou went from a company selling only in stores to an omnichannel company offering its customers a 100% individualized offer after a radical transformation of its approach to customer marketing. It relied on the D-AIM marketing individuation solution to dedicate a virtual marketer to each of its clients, thus combining the best of artificial intelligence and human intelligence.


Ranking Best Retailer

Médaille d'or : MARIONNAUD

Allo Boutique is the digital marketing platform bringing together Marionnaud's omnichannel sales and remote advice services: Shopping by telephone, Video calls, Beauty Chat by WhatsApp, Private Purchases by Appointment, the possibility of Making a Remote gift, Click & Collect Express in 1 hour, Express Delivery the next day and Green Delivery (available in Paris).


Silver medal: DIRECT MARKET

Direct Market is the local products sourcing marketplace for retail, e-commerce, quick commerce, and collective catering, with a dedicated logistics service. Direct Market has introduced price transparency with its unique label. The startup processes orders, collects products from farms, prepares orders, delivers them to each store, and manages billing and secure payment on behalf of all parties involved.

direct markert.png

Médaille de bronze : VEEPEE

Re-cycle is a reverse sales event that allows us to reinvent our business by giving a second life to products from brands committed to the planet, through a collection system. This service has been designed to support the goals of our partner brands, whose products are designed to last and be passed on, and whose customers aspire to more sustainable consumption.




Plug'heur is a self-service external battery solution for shopping centers and large retail brands. Our white label solution improves the customer experience and knowledge at the point of sale. At Plug'heur, we are committed to helping our customers innovate to offer innovative and enjoyable on-site experiences, in order to improve visitor retention and loyalty.


Audience Award


Electro Dépôt deploys ship from store on 100% of its stores and optimizes its delivery costs thanks to Woop. Woop offers an innovative omnichannel delivery solution in France and Belgium for all of its 93 stores. Each point of sale becomes a mini logistics center which receives, prepares and ships orders based on its own stock. The platform makes it possible to orchestrate, optimize and manage all deliveries in a single tool.

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