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Republik Retail

Républik Retail brings together Retail brands and company managers, innovative service providers and ROIsts from the ecosystem, over 5 event formats and 23 dates per year. Our ambition: to gather the best, attract leaders, surprise, free speech, encourage the expression of needs, break down silos, develop collective intelligence... to create links and lasting relationships between suppliers and clients. Our values: Creativity, Efficiency, Conviviality.


An ecosystem

The Retail world is in turmoil. New formats are appearing, e-commerce players are shaking up acquired positions, crises (yellow vests protests, strikes, Covid 19) are increasing. It was urgent to create a new place for interactions, mutual aid and business. We did it.

  • Républik Retail has become, in just a few years, the obligatory stop for hundreds of retail leaders and innovative suppliers.


  • Républik Retail gathers over 500 brands. All activities, store formats, etc. are represented there.

Lively all year round

Républik Retail offers a complete program of events in different and complementary formats divided into more than 20 annual meetings. These high-content events are all hosted by professional journalists. The tone is often direct, offbeat and friendly to free up speech and create connections.



Complementary event formats

Events to reinvent yourself

The favorable context created during Républik Retail events allows contractors and service providers to do business in the best conditions. Each event is an opportunity to live a unique experience to enrich each other, create connections and do business in exceptional places.


Our events


The awards of

Innovative retail

The bosses club
of signs
The unmissable meeting place for Top Retail Executives.


Retailers want to meet and discuss with their suppliers around major themes: digital transformation, omnichannel journey, customer relations, responsible brand, payment, use of AI, talent management, etc.

> Républik Retail has created 23 proprietary events that provide solutions to all these questions.


Our citizens


Suppliers want to meet “the real decision-makers” of large companies and not the N-3 or N-4.

> Republik Retail is the only organization capable of bringing together the Presidents and General Managers of the largest brands.



Retailers want to capture their supplier's innovation to create value and obtain immediate ROI.

> Republik Retail organizes events that unleash the creativity of suppliers through collective intelligence.


Suppliers want to identify business needs and their potentiel clients in a short amount of time.

> Republik Retail has developed a “one to one” matching system and appointment platform.


Retailers want to develop a strong employer image to attract and retain talent.

> Republik Retail helps them to speak out and promote their brand and their best actions.



Suppliers want to understand Retail managers, know their expectations and their entrepreneurial projects.

> Republik Retail advances the retail maturity of all their Supplier clients.

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