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Having become a reference, the Connected Commerce Night is a real retail Oscars ceremony . Since 2013, this event has been showcasing the industry for an entire evening, with a 2.5 hour show and optimal interaction between the audience and the stage. On the program, 1000 retailers , 120 candidate companies and an exceptional jury made up of 30 of the biggest personalities in retail, with presentations of innovations , live debates and a spectacular awards ceremony . Come discover the best innovations of the year and network with the entire ecosystem.

Join us for the Grand Oral on Thursday October 17, 2024 , and for the 11th edition of the Nuit du Commerce Connecté on Monday November 18, 2024 at the Mogador Theater.

3 key steps

Selection of the jury, made up of 30 CEOs of the largest French brands.

Selection of candidates (suppliers, brands, collaborations, etc.) through the submission of application files, with or without pre-selection.

Date: from January 1 to September 30, 2024



Connected Commerce Night

The grand oral brings together the jurors and the candidates for a closed-door pitching session: each company has 3 minutes + 3 minutes of questions/answers to convince the jury and try to be one of the winners.

Date: Thursday October 17, 2024


Grand Oral

Connected Commerce Night

This exceptional evening brings together the entire ecosystem to reward the best innovations of the year, with short live interventions. An innovative format, an exciting evening!

Date: Monday November 18, 2024.



Connected Commerce Night
Jury 2024

 The 2024 Jury

Les candidats

The 2023 candidates

They submitted an application file to highlight a project, an innovation or a customer case

En chiffres

En chiffres



They manage the largest retail companies and come to identify the gems of the year and essential use cases, then give them a “live” prize on the stage of the Théâtre Mogador.

exceptional jurors


5 Categories:

1 / Solutions & Techno
2 / Customer Experience
3 / CSR

4 / Innovative Collaboration

5 / Innovative Retailer

Nuit du commerce connecté


The audience is made up of approximately 60% Retailers, 30% suppliers and 10% journalists and opinion leaders. All looking for monitoring, innovations and new trends.

candidate companies


professionals present

Connected Commerce Night

This is the perfect opportunity to promote your projects

Brand managers will be able to highlight their achievements, but also their teams and their innovations.

Service providers will be able to apply or become sponsors. They will be able, for example, to participate in the jury, introduce their company's, services, products, new products on stage... and thus obtain exceptional ROI.


Marc Dumas and the Républik Retail team are 100% involved in preparing each intervention. Coach each participant to obtain the best result on “D” day.


An unrivaled format and pace

The Connected Commerce Night is a unique event that is unlike most award ceremonies out there. It is a 2.5 hour show, carried out at a sustained pace with multiple testimonies on stage and in the room, thanks to a network of agile cameras which broadcast on the big screen.

Pourquoi participer ?

Why participate?



Present your offer, service or project in front of the entire profession and try to win one of the prestigious Connected Commerce Night trophies!

Connected Commerce Night



Nuit du commerce connecté

Directly adress the biggest retail executives by presenting your innovation, then meet the people who matter during the ceremony. A unique opportunity!

Your company is presented live during the awards ceremony in front of 1,000 professionals. Flagship projects benefit from excellent media coverage!



Connected Commerce Night

Your company (logo + summary of your activity) appears in the Connected Commerce Night catalog which is given to all 1,000 professionals present.



Connected Commerce Night
Connected Commerce Night


To become partner


How to sponsor this event?


Why sponsor this event?

Les partenaires

  • ​​A unique unit of place and time for :

    • Conveying a message, an emotion

    • Making a lasting impression,

    • Scripting.


  • A highly effective media for :

    • Reaching the entire market

    • Engaging sponsors, journalists, influencers.


  • A powerful business move for :

    • Highlighting a new product,

    • Introducing a novelty to a captivated audience,

    • Putting forward your company.

  • A strategic move for :

    • Occupy the field,

    • Mobilizing your company,

    • Inviting prospects.


Several formules :

  • Gold Sponsor

  • Silver Sponsor 

  • BRONZE Sponsor

  • STARTUP Sponsor

  • Special Operation...

We offer you the following propositions : 

  • A speech during the awards ceremony 

  • A standing table booth with banners + distributed documentation 

  • Your logo on the "Forum Expo" advertisement page in the event's official catalogue

  • Your logo on a special "Forum Expo" banner

  • Tailor-made offers

Rejoignez l'événement


Sponsors of the 10th edition




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