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The Brands & Business Club brings together brand leaders 7 times per year  (President, Managing Director and others), to exchange and debate around a theme , in a confidential, friendly and no-nonsense setting. The dinner debates are hosted by Marc Dumas like a radio show: a free format , an offbeat tone, short speeches, interviews... and exclusive information, with 25 carefully chosen guests . Our credo takes on its full meaning: collective intelligence at the service of business!

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Our clubs

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The dinners are hosted like a radio set by Marc Dumas (ex BFM Business). A place for confidential meetings for decision-makers who have the same concerns, the same strategic issues and the same desire to share.




Break down silos to bring together stakeholders in the retail ecosystem. Create a place for discussion to identify new performance levers and build the tomorrows retail.


7 dinner debates

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Each club brings together, by invitation only, 25 retail bosses, from all sectors, to exchange and debate on a theme, openly .



Why participate?


Bring value to improve the performance of managers, create bridges, invent new forms of collaboration, encourage contact between managers and service providers. For each brand manager, it is an opportunity to meet and discuss with peers of the same level, on similar or different markets, in a confidential and elitist setting. An evening to “open your chakras”, identify new ideas, work on your network.

Each sponsor is ensured the opportunity to engage with their prospects or customers eight times per year under optimal circumstances.

Pourquoi participer ?
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Our Brand & Business Clubs in numbers


 Sponsor members throughout the year

Hand-picked network of DOs


The profile of club decision-makers

With the participation of CEOs  of the largest companies in the retail ecosystem


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